Doug Lucas, DO

Be ExtraOrdinary because that's what it takes

Dr. Doug Lucas is a double board-certified physician specializing in osteoporosis reversal, hormone replacement, and healthspan. After completing his training at Stanford University and practicing for nearly a decade in the field of orthopedic surgery, Dr. Doug left his practice to pursue an additional fellowship and board certification in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. He went on to achieve the status of fellow in Anti-Aging and Metabolic Medicine. This functional and hormone training gave him the breadth and depth of knowledge to support his deeply held philosophy of patient care and start Optimal Human Health MD (OHH), his nationwide telehealth practice.

Dr. Doug has gone on to build a team of experts, each with a unique skill set, to help optimize his patients’ health and help them live better, longer. The OHH team now focuses exclusively on bone health through the lens of optimization with a dual mission to educate the world that osteoporosis is reversible and to provide an unparalleled patient experience. Dr. Doug spends much of his professional time exploring, researching, and uncovering truths behind the controversies in bone health. His mission to educate the world plays out on his YouTube channel, The Dr. Doug Show: Bones, Hormones and HealthSpan, within his membership community, HealthSpan Nation, and on stages across the globe. His patients experience the direct benefit of his efforts and his dissemination of groundbreaking and paradigm-shifting research to his team. Dr. Doug also enjoys helping physicians find their own path to escape the traditional medical model and serve their patients in their own unique niche.