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Unlock longevity, healthspan, and performance through self-mastery.
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Optimal Human Health

Health Optimization Membership

12 Months


  • Complete Optimization Lab Panel every 4 months
  • 1 hour results review with Physician every 4 months
  • Bi-weekly visits with dietitian and coaching team
  • Concierge Supplement Ordering
  • Access to peptide & hormone prescriptions
  • Access to functional testing
  • Complementary HealthSpan Nation Membership
  • Group Q&A with Dr. Doug and Slack Community Access
  • Access to New Developments Released During your Program! 

I'm so excited to have found Dr. Doug and his team. The service they provide is hugely important for ones health and longevity. They so WAY beyond any general practitioner. They discovered the cause of health issues I've been facing for years that the traditional medical care overlooked or could not find. They are super friendly, easy to reach, responsive to questions, and really take the time to get you to your best life. It is worth every penny of investment.

What is Optimal Human Health?



Discover opportunities to take your health to the next level.



Halt the progression of disease through lifestyle and cutting-edge medicine. Hone the most important aspects of health through data-drive interventions.



Heal from your health to your mindset.

Optimal Health Health is a physician-led, data driven, cutting edge approach to healthspan and longevity.

OHH Protocol is one that will look first for Opportunities through lifestyle review and biomarkers. Set forth to Halt the progression of disease, Hone the most relevant components of your health, and Heal exactly what needs to be healed.

The Optimal Human Health Protocol is aimed at continuous improvement, with the goal of honing your health to live better, longer.


Dr. Lucas is extremely knowledgeable and is well read. I am a physician myself who is very into longevity. I am postpartum and breastfeeding, and he was able to take that into consideration in all the recommendations. The tests are enlightening and it was great that someone can review them in a holistic manner. I have decided to stop working night shifts due to the results. A 2 millimeter shift earlier in life can create an exponential difference in health, and I would highly recommend Dr. Lucas and his team.

The Optimal Bone Health Team

Douglas Lucas, DO
Founder/CEO, Physician
Morgan Edwards, PA-C
Physician Assistant
Kyle Maiorana, RDN
Registered Dietitian
Ashlee Williams, RDN, LDN, IFNCP
Julia Priest
Nick Trubee, PhD
Exercise Physiologist
Julie Wallace
Patient Onboarding Specialist