May 15 : Chronometer

May 15, 2024


Session Notes

**Chronometer Overview**

*   The importance of tracking for patient care was emphasized, with the platform allowing dieticians to view patient data directly.


Using Chronometer

*   Breta demonstrated how to add foods and create custom meals on Chronometer.


*   The process of adding common foods to the diary and marking favorites was shown.


*   The concept of creating a meal from selected items for ease of future tracking was explained.



Macronutrients and Micronutrients

*   Breta clarified the difference between macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).


*   The app's ability to show sources of macronutrients and how to adjust portion sizes was discussed.


*   The importance of tracking micronutrients and understanding food sources was highlighted.



Custom Meals and Recipes

*   The process of creating custom meals and recipes was explained.


*   Breta showed how to import recipes from the internet into Chronometer.


*   The method of adjusting serving sizes for meal prep was discussed.




*   Breta explained how to add supplements as custom foods to track micronutrient intake.


*   The possibility of creating a custom meal or recipe for a supplement stack was mentioned.



Carbs and Net Carbs

*   The difference between total carbs and net carbs was explained.


*   Breta advised on when to track total carbs versus net carbs based on individual health goals.



Exercise Data

*   Breta recommended not using exercise data to adjust daily energy goals unless necessary.


*   The importance of setting clear and consistent nutrition goals was emphasized.



Adjusting Macronutrient Targets

*   Breta showed how to adjust macronutrient targets in Chronometer.


*   The preference for fixed values over percentages for macronutrient tracking was stated.



Chronometer Mobile App

*   Breta demonstrated how to use the Chronometer mobile app.


*   The app's functionality, including adding foods, creating meals, and scanning barcodes, was covered.


Q&A Session

*   How to use timestamps for meals.


   How to integrate information from fitness devices.


   The protection of user data within Chronometer.


Key Takeaways

*   Chronometer can be a valuable tool for tracking dietary intake and understanding nutrient sources.


*   Custom meals and recipes can simplify the tracking process.


*   Adjusting macronutrient targets and understanding the difference between total and net carbs can help meet individual health goals.


*   The mobile app offers similar functionalities to the desktop version and can be more convenient for some users.


*   Engaging with the Chronometer community and using available resources can enhance the user experience.


00:00:03.216 --> 00:00:08.204

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: We're gonna give everybody a couple more minutes to come up.


00:00:09.036 --> 00:00:33.876

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and you'll notice I'm on here. Twice I have my phone connected cause. I wanna be able to share my screen so I can run through the app with you guys as well in case you prefer to use chronometer on your phone. So we're gonna do a desktop version, and we'll also do the mobile version as well. Just to give you guys a little tutorial because it does come up different on your phone but sometimes using your phone is a little bit easier or more convenient for your


00:00:33.876 --> 00:01:00.526

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: everyday life. But in the chat, while we're waiting just a few more minutes for anyone else who's gonna join to jump back in. If you guys wanna let me know if you've used chronometer, actually. Yeah, we'll just do it in the chat if you wanna let me know if you've used chronometer before, that would be awesome. And if you have, if there's any like pressing questions that you're hoping we can answer today, feel free to drop that in the chat.


00:01:21.366 --> 00:01:24.306

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Okay and


00:01:24.536 --> 00:01:25.916

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: awesome.


00:01:26.366 --> 00:01:38.815

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: A few people have a few people haven't. I'm gonna drop the link for chronometer in the chat as well. So if you haven't used it before. And you wanna pull it up. That would be awesome.


00:01:40.166 --> 00:01:58.500

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And yeah, I'm gonna give you guys some tips and tricks to just not get a ton of chronometer. Fatigue, if you don't have to. It's 11 or 11 o'clock, my time. I'm on central time, so it's noon Eastern, so we'll go ahead and jump in. I know we have some chronometer super users here as well.


00:01:59.036 --> 00:02:00.386

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I


00:02:00.506 --> 00:02:23.506

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: personally find tracking very, very tedious. Tracking your intake. I feel like it's a lot of work. However. I if you guys don't know. And one of the dieticians, or was one of the dieticians at optimal bone health. I've transitioned out of my clinical role, and I do Hsn and I do marketing and development and tech support and all the things


00:02:23.903 --> 00:02:31.445

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: but up until October of 2,023 I was seeing patients at optimal bone health, and


00:02:31.446 --> 00:02:56.206

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: for a while, probably a good year I was the only physician optimal bone health. So tracking has made a huge difference, I think, in how we're able to serve our clients. And so, even if you are not like a one on one patient of optimal bone health, I think there's definitely some ways that you can use it to help better understand what you're eating. And if it's actually meeting your needs. So


00:02:56.416 --> 00:03:23.865

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: when if you're an optimal bone, health client, essentially, we give you access to an account on our platform, which means your dietician can actually log in and check out all your trends and see all the things that you're doing so that way. You know, you don't have to take screenshots or send documents and all of that stuff they can just log in and see it. So I wanna give you guys, if you're not a full service patient of ours, I wanna give you guys all the tips and tricks to be able to use it to the best of your ability. So


00:03:26.766 --> 00:03:50.925

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I'm just looking at. Okay. So there's a few good questions in here on like grams, and how we're entering things for tracking and yes, today's entire meeting is gonna be about chronometer. So we're gonna go over the desktop and we're gonna go over the digital app. And then we're gonna go over some ways to really make it easier for you to utilize it. So things to streamline. And then


00:03:50.926 --> 00:03:58.926

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: a few kind of like tricks of the trade. So you don't have to track all the time if you don't want to. But it's totally up to you. And what helps you meet your goals? So


00:03:58.926 --> 00:04:06.755

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: so keep the questions coming. I'll be able to see them. But I'm gonna go ahead and share my screen with you guys.


00:04:07.679 --> 00:04:08.926

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Let's see.


00:04:09.946 --> 00:04:34.835

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Okay, so you guys should all be able to see chronometer here. I am. Gonna start with some of the basics. So if you're a chronometer user already, you will probably know what we're talking about here. And that's totally fine. We'll kind of breeze through this part and then get into the the meet of what we wanna talk about. But you can see so chronometer. This is a patient facing account. So, and this one is connected


00:04:34.836 --> 00:04:48.526

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: to our oh account. So if you have like a free version that's not connected to our oh account, then you might things might show up like a tiny bit differently, but for the most part it should present the same.


00:04:48.666 --> 00:04:58.495

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So if you're on the desktop, we wanna click on diary. So your diary is like your food diary. So it's all the things that we're gonna be putting in here. Food wise.


00:04:59.087 --> 00:05:03.736

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: This is super simple to enter food into


00:05:03.776 --> 00:05:11.146

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and using it's even easier to do it on your phone, because you can scan in labels and stuff. And we'll talk about that


00:05:11.634 --> 00:05:35.185

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: but if you click on, add food you'll be able to see all right here. So these are things that I have commonly like clicked on and added to chrono meter, so does anybody in the chat wanna throw out I'll have you. I'm gonna add a few things, but I'll actually, if somebody just wants to jump on and share what they ate for breakfast this morning. That would be awesome can unmute and let me know.


00:05:37.386 --> 00:05:39.215

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Go ahead, Lorna, you're muted, though.


00:05:42.026 --> 00:05:42.836

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: There you go.


00:05:43.006 --> 00:05:44.031

Lorna Nichols: Okay.


00:05:46.076 --> 00:05:49.105

Lorna Nichols: I have pretty much the same thing every day.


00:05:50.856 --> 00:05:53.286

Lorna Nichols: one large egg.


00:05:54.326 --> 00:06:02.745

Lorna Nichols: soft boiled, but the yoke a little bit hard. I was using a piece of sourdough bread, but I've just recently


00:06:03.386 --> 00:06:07.646

Lorna Nichols: stop the bread, and I'm gonna try a rice cake


00:06:07.756 --> 00:06:18.545

Lorna Nichols: instead of a piece of bread, and I do is I scoop the yolk out. It's it's it's sort of tween, soft and hard, and I spread it like butter on the rice.


00:06:18.546 --> 00:06:29.326

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Oh, yeah, okay, awesome. Well, here's the thing to make this easier for yourself, for tracking, cause that's like, that's awesome. When we think about what we're doing. Tracking wise.


00:06:29.676 --> 00:06:55.345

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: The one of the biggest barriers for people is finding the exact this thing that they're looking for, and so we don't want that to get in the way like of. We don't want perfect to get in the way of like putting something down on paper. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna choose eggs cooked cause you did cook them, even though they're soft boiled. So that's what we're gonna start with. And you know, you can always scroll down here and kind of see if there's anything that really like stands out to that matches. What's better, but


00:06:55.446 --> 00:07:00.355

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: easy enough for eggs. We're gonna click cooked. And then did you just have one egg.


00:07:00.846 --> 00:07:03.103

Lorna Nichols: One egg, and then a rice cake.


00:07:03.856 --> 00:07:28.095

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Awesome. So what you'll do here then, and I normally uncheck the time it it's totally up to you. But say, you have eggs every single day. What I'm also gonna do is click on this little star here. So that way it goes onto my favorites list, and I will show you what that looks like in just a second. But you had one large egg, and I'm gonna go ahead and a enter that under breakfast. Gonna go to add to diary.


00:07:28.126 --> 00:07:32.465

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I'm going to come back to foods. And we're going to do a rice cake.


00:07:34.066 --> 00:07:39.556

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: We're gonna add that in. We're gonna say one. Do you think it's about 4 inches? Or do you think it's larger.


00:07:39.756 --> 00:07:49.045

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: perfect, awesome? I'm also gonna add that to breakfast? And if you're having that every day I'm gonna go ahead and favorite that and put that in alright. What else did you have.


00:07:51.376 --> 00:07:54.695

Lorna Nichols: one and a half cups of milk.


00:07:54.796 --> 00:07:56.116

Lorna Nichols: 2%.


00:07:56.446 --> 00:07:57.046

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Pipe.


00:07:58.906 --> 00:08:03.606

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: We want to make sure that when we are choosing things like milk and dairy products, that we do get the fat


00:08:03.656 --> 00:08:10.555

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: as close as possible. It's gonna make your tracking a little more accurate. So that is one thing that we do want to be more specific on.


00:08:10.746 --> 00:08:11.286

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: It's and.


00:08:11.286 --> 00:08:14.876

Lorna Nichols: Actually raw milk, but it's there is no raw milk option. So.


00:08:14.876 --> 00:08:16.005

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah, that's nice.


00:08:16.006 --> 00:08:24.115

Lorna Nichols: Problem I found with that is, I think they might be thinking that there's vitamin A and D added to this. But of course there isn't to raw milk.


00:08:25.736 --> 00:08:30.036

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: You're right, there isn't, and sometimes we just have to take that into account.


00:08:30.036 --> 00:08:30.596

Lorna Nichols: Right.


00:08:30.596 --> 00:08:34.059

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So that's into like into knowing, too, and like what?


00:08:34.546 --> 00:08:36.845

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: what matters nutritionally?


00:08:37.056 --> 00:09:06.826

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And if we're looking at like our vitamin A and our vitamin d, you know. In general, our vitamin d from food is not going to be as impactful as vitamin d from the sun and vitamin d from supplements. But I'm gonna show you how to look at that a little more closely, so you can see, hey? Where are my main sources of vitamin? A. And are they coming from significant sources? So I'll show you that as well. So the biggest thing here on chronometer, though, is that we're making sure that we're choosing how we're actually measuring it. So you had one and a fourth cup. You said.


00:09:07.026 --> 00:09:07.976

Lorna Nichols: One and a half.


00:09:07.976 --> 00:09:17.815

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: One and a half. So 1.5 cups. And we're just gonna start with that. And you can see I didn't select breakfast on this one, but all you have to do is drag and drop, and it will go in here.


00:09:18.046 --> 00:09:20.375

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So I'm gonna pause our


00:09:20.536 --> 00:09:30.516

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: breakfast conversation for now, so I can show you this next step. If you're having this every single day. All you have to do now is click shift.


00:09:30.546 --> 00:09:33.895

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and you can select each of these. Okay.


00:09:33.946 --> 00:09:42.006

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: you click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner right here. And we're going to go. Actually, sorry. Hold on a second.


00:09:43.026 --> 00:09:44.626

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: You're gonna right. Click


00:09:44.746 --> 00:09:51.246

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: on the the highlighted items. And what we're going to do is create a meal from selected items.


00:09:52.026 --> 00:09:55.995

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So now we're going to say we're going to name this


00:09:56.986 --> 00:09:58.226

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: breakfast.


00:09:59.626 --> 00:10:04.395

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And if this is something you're having every day, I'm also gonna favorite this right here.


00:10:04.536 --> 00:10:06.705

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And then I'm going to hit save changes.


00:10:07.456 --> 00:10:20.556

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I'm gonna pop back into my diary and say, I want to go to to. It's tomorrow. I want to enter my breakfast in. When I go to add in foods. I'm gonna click on. Ca, actually, I can click on favorites because I've added it to favorites.


00:10:20.646 --> 00:10:26.475

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And you can see right here I have new breakfast, so all I have to do is select that.


00:10:26.676 --> 00:10:53.826

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: add it to my diary, and then boom! All the things have just automatically dropped in. So if you find yourself eating the same thing regularly, you know, for breakfast, or you have like a set you know, maybe a set smoothie recipe or a protein shake recipe. I would definitely recommend turning those into custom meals for yourself and then adding those to your favorites list. So then it's just okay. Boom, boom, boom! Done like you're just clicking down the list because you already know what you had.


00:10:54.876 --> 00:10:57.675

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Do you guys have any questions about adding food, just


00:10:57.776 --> 00:11:00.206

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: adding of those foods together as meals.


00:11:03.716 --> 00:11:12.666

Lorna Nichols: This is a question that is maybe off the subject. But what exactly I I see their macronutrients. I never understood the difference between


00:11:13.336 --> 00:11:15.305

Lorna Nichols: and micronutrients.


00:11:15.306 --> 00:11:17.911

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah, that's a really great question.


00:11:18.526 --> 00:11:19.846

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: so


00:11:20.136 --> 00:11:21.756

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: let me


00:11:22.676 --> 00:11:46.996

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: ye. So I'm gonna answer a couple of chat questions. And I'm gonna circle back to that. So yes, you can modify custom meals. If you wanna modify your custom meals. You come over to the custom meals button on the left hand side, and then you like. You can come back here and it'll show you all your custom meals, and you just select it. And then you can actually add items to it. Here, and you can change it and do whatever you need to.


00:11:47.266 --> 00:12:02.165

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And then yes, you can also do all of this on the phone app as well, which I will show you how to do. The phone app on the free version of the app. I believe you can create custom meals, but I can circle back on that because I'm not 100 sure.


00:12:02.216 --> 00:12:03.236

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So okay, awesome.


00:12:03.236 --> 00:12:13.665

Sharon: Can you? Can you temporarily add something to a custom meal like, say, it's not something you usually have, but you had it with your custom meal.


00:12:13.846 --> 00:12:19.435

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah, so I would go ahead and add the custom meal. Then, so say, like we had


00:12:20.396 --> 00:12:22.206

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: on Friday.


00:12:22.536 --> 00:12:34.616

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: let me just move my zoom stuff around. I'm gonna go ahead and add my new breakfast to Friday. And then I'm just gonna add, maybe I also had some avocado with that.


00:12:35.526 --> 00:12:44.045

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So I'm gonna search for avocado under all. And then I'm just going to add in how much I thought I had. Maybe I had 4 slices


00:12:44.526 --> 00:12:53.755

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and then boom! It's just you can just add that there. And if you wanted to change the meal as a whole, you can go into the custom meals right here. But


00:12:54.166 --> 00:12:54.966

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: let's


00:12:55.826 --> 00:13:19.855

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: let's circle back to these macronutrient targets, because I do think this will help you guys understand everything. A lot better. So our macronutrients are going to be protein carbs and fats. And so Macro is bit like means big. So they're just our larger size nutrients. Those are things that our body is going to break down. So we have protein carbs and fat, and then how chronometer labels calories is as energy, which I think, is awesome.


00:13:19.856 --> 00:13:43.609

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: because I know that so many of us kind of get caught up in this idea of like calorie counting. And we always, you know from what our studies told us, we always want fewer calories, but when we shift that thinking into talking about energy and calories as energy, I feel like that actually promotes which most people here are gonna need more energy. We need a lot of energy to build bone. We need a lot of material


00:13:43.976 --> 00:14:00.165

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: to like. We need a lot of macronutrients, and we need a lot of micronutrients to build that bone. So when we think about getting enough energy versus not overdoing it on our calories. I think that's a really great mindset shift. But just so, you know, that is what we're looking at and how we


00:14:00.376 --> 00:14:15.486

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: denote calories is K. Cal. So the calories that you see on a food label, those are actually, even though it just says calories. They're actually kilo calories, which is why they're listed here as Kcal. So just so you can understand that a little bit more


00:14:15.616 --> 00:14:43.626

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: now on our protein goals here the cool thing about chronometer is actually, if you come and shift or just scroll over these bars, it will tell you where your sources of protein are coming from, and what those main sources are. So I think that's a really awesome way to use that so if I come over here and I'm like, okay, look, I am getting, you know, 12 grams of protein from milk, and 6 grams of protein from egg. Well.


00:14:43.806 --> 00:14:56.175

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: this whole meal is only 20 grams of protein, and I'm my goal is to get closer to 30 grams of protein for breakfast. So how can I do that? Well, if I add 2 more eggs. Then, boom! I've met my.


00:14:56.686 --> 00:15:05.715

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I've met my protein goal for the break for my breakfast, and that instead of having to be like, okay, what other protein foods can I add in and trying to, you know, make


00:15:05.816 --> 00:15:26.746

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: make it a really big deal. You can just look at what you're already getting, and adjust your portion sizes based on based on your current intake. So I think that can be really helpful. Same thing when you scroll over carbohydrates, it's gonna show you where most of your carbohydrates are coming from. I do think that is really helpful to just check out as well as your fats, so you can make those adjustments. Now.


00:15:26.836 --> 00:15:36.585

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: when it comes to our micronutrients, our micronutrients are going to be vitamins and minerals. So all of these things here under vitamins and minerals.


00:15:36.586 --> 00:16:00.145

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: these are our micronutrients. And so when if you've done the bone foundation scores, you'll probably have seen. That one of the modules is macronutrients, and one of the modules is micronutrients. And that's really how we're breaking them down. And to like that overall arching meal, composition and protein carbs and fats, and then all of those vitamins and minerals that we need to build bone and stay healthy and promote adequate energy levels.


00:16:00.146 --> 00:16:00.976

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So


00:16:01.386 --> 00:16:26.316

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: the the really cool thing about this is just like you can scroll over each of those macronutrients. You can also scroll over each of these minerals so you can find out what your best sources are. So like. Let's look at zinc right here. You can see you're actually getting a decent amount of zinc from your milk, and if you were to say, Cut back on milk, for whatever reason, then you can know that, hey? That actually might impact some of mine.


00:16:26.316 --> 00:16:37.295

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: my overall like mineral intake. Or if you're cutting back, I think a better example in this case is if you're cutting back on your milk, that's really gonna impact your protein consumption.


00:16:37.296 --> 00:16:59.986

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So those kinds of things is how it's how we can start to reframe and learn about our food through using chronometer instead of just tracking. To make sure you hit your macronutrients, we can start understanding. Where is our nutrition coming from. And how can I just make these small, really specific tweaks to what I'm already doing to meet my goals? And I think that's the most helpful thing.


00:17:00.106 --> 00:17:00.896

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah, I don't know.


00:17:00.896 --> 00:17:03.726

Al Kral: Decide whether you want carbs or net carbs.


00:17:04.065 --> 00:17:25.806

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: You do have to decide if you want carbs or net carbs. And so here is my rule of thumb on carbs or net carbs. If you have healthy blood sugars so, and your a one C is normal. Your fasting insulin is normal, and you are trying to maybe gain weight or maintain your weight, then I would always choose net carbs.


00:17:25.806 --> 00:17:50.265

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: If your goal is to lose weight, or you have to like altered blood sugar, metabolism. So you have a high fasting insulin, and you have a high A one. C. Then I would recommend choosing net carbs or sorry total carbs total carbs for that one? So what happens with the carbohydrates? The difference between carbohydrates and net carbohydrates.


00:17:50.986 --> 00:18:02.575

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: is it? If we're including fiber into the picture or not. And in general we want everyone to be getting a lot of fiber. We don't really want you restricting fiber at any point. However.


00:18:02.706 --> 00:18:11.686

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: what typically happens when we're tracking total carbs over net carbs is that we end up eating on more like


00:18:12.068 --> 00:18:35.836

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: ultra processed food so like. And there's nothing wrong with a great keto bread. Sometimes we need that. But if we're tracking net carbs and you're trying to be really diligent about your nutrition and your intake, and you know, making those right choices. Not all Keto breads are created equal, and what we see a lot of times is that people still end up overeating on ultra processed foods when we track net carbs. So


00:18:35.896 --> 00:18:57.435

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: that's kind of how we're putting those pieces together. And it's definitely a personal choice on. If you're tracking total carbs or net carbs. But I never then. And then the nice thing about this, too, is if you are tracking total carbs, and you were to scroll over this, and let's add something in here. Let me put in some lunch. Let's just add a salad. Actually.


00:19:00.336 --> 00:19:04.725

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Let's see. I'll add one of my osteoporosis meals here instead.


00:19:06.466 --> 00:19:12.636

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Okay, so you can see our carbohydrates are up a little bit here, and


00:19:12.806 --> 00:19:15.365

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: on our carb levels.


00:19:16.476 --> 00:19:24.725

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Our green beans are 9 grams of carbs. So if you want to see what's in an individual food, all you have to do is click on it.


00:19:25.456 --> 00:19:41.036

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So we have 9 grams of carbs in our one cup of green beans. But if I scroll down here I'm gonna see that they have 4 grams of fiber just awesome. So then I can look at this. And I'm right now I'm tracking total carbs. So total carbs.


00:19:41.206 --> 00:19:50.166

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: 9.9 grams. Fiber is 4 grams. So really in my net carbs. It's only, you know, 5, 6 grams of carbohydrate. And so


00:19:50.256 --> 00:20:08.215

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: if you go over your carbohydrate goal because you're just eating so many vegetables, and you don't have any gi symptoms or any reason to exclude any of that stuff. Then that's something that you can take into consideration, and you can come down here and look and say, Okay, well, I, my


00:20:08.306 --> 00:20:17.106

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: biggest sources of carbs are all from vegetables. So maybe I'm not actually worried about going over my carbohydrate goal. So there is a lot of nuance into interpreting that.


00:20:17.984 --> 00:20:22.386

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I wanna pop over to a couple of the questions in the chat.


00:20:23.023 --> 00:20:43.045

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I do a lot of food prep and freeze meals. What's the best way to create custom recipes to ensure it's divided up into the right servings. Great question. So we can also use this custom recipes feature here, and the nice thing is that you can add a recipe, and you can put in everything on your own to do that.


00:20:43.106 --> 00:20:52.475

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Sorry. My zoom stuff is just in my way. All you have to do is click, add ingredients, and then come back over to foods, and you can add in all the foods that would be


00:20:53.299 --> 00:21:00.145

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: come over to foods. Search for the foods. You add in all of the foods that would be in there. What you can also do.


00:21:00.346 --> 00:21:16.686

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I'm gonna go back. I'm gonna import a recipe here. I've already pulled this one. So say, you're making a recipe from the Internet, and you want to easily put it into chronometer. We're just gonna copy and paste the URL into here and hit import.


00:21:17.226 --> 00:21:35.036

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and it's just gonna read the recipe. But it'll pull in all of those ingredients, at least for the most part. And then you can see all of this is here. Now, if it says not found you can just do a manually search or search. So I'm just gonna search for Cilantro.


00:21:36.146 --> 00:21:37.606

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: gonna do raw


00:21:37.736 --> 00:21:39.096

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and update


00:21:39.206 --> 00:21:44.566

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: cool. So then the whole recipe has been put in here now, and


00:21:44.706 --> 00:21:52.505

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: what you want to do is adjust the servings per recipe. So if you're doing your food prep. What I would say to do is


00:21:52.846 --> 00:22:09.286

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: put in the entire recipe. So if you're making this doesn't like an example like a whole casserole. Put in everything that went into that casserole, and then make your serving sizes the number of like individual pieces it's going to be.


00:22:09.286 --> 00:22:36.816

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: even if you so say you have this casserole, you cut it into 12 pieces, maybe every day you eat 2 pieces of the casserole. That's fine. But then what you know to do is to actually just go in and adjust your serving sizes when you go and import your food, to say 2 servings. So say, this is well, okay, this is for servings. So that's great. I'm gonna go ahead and save the changes to this.


00:22:36.936 --> 00:22:39.306

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and then I'm going to add it to my diary.


00:22:39.636 --> 00:22:42.885

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and then we're going to pop back in here. Okay.


00:22:43.861 --> 00:22:46.896

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: that was on. Let me see


00:22:48.196 --> 00:22:49.276

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: me.


00:22:49.556 --> 00:22:51.346

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: it's custom.


00:22:52.296 --> 00:22:53.306

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And


00:22:58.336 --> 00:23:00.065

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I can spell today.


00:23:01.676 --> 00:23:06.056

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Oh, here we go. Recipes. Oh, it did not save.


00:23:19.016 --> 00:23:19.696

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Thank.


00:23:19.826 --> 00:23:21.946

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: try that again. See what happens.


00:23:22.326 --> 00:23:29.609

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Here we go. Okay? So okay, it added it twice. That's fine. But you can see that it shows up as one serving


00:23:30.206 --> 00:23:46.595

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Say, so, the entire recipe was actually for serving. So say, I actually ended up eating half of the entire recipe. All I'm gonna do is change my serving size to 2. And then we have more accurate data there. So that is how I'd recommend putting in those pieces


00:23:46.596 --> 00:24:00.416

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and like putting those pieces together there. The other thing is, if you add your custom recipe here. And you're like, actually, I changed it for this meal, or I added something to it. You can click on this and say, so you're gonna right. Click.


00:24:01.346 --> 00:24:11.726

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: hit, explode recipe, and then it will show you all of the things that are in there. So if you wanted to go and edit individual ingredients without changing your entire recipe. You can do that this way.


00:24:12.136 --> 00:24:32.215

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So I hope that's helpful for the the meal prep question. Adding supplements into micronutrient counts. Yes, you can add supplements into your micronutrient counts. You're just gonna add it as like a a custom food, I think is the easiest thing to do, and you can put in all of the micronutrients on


00:24:32.306 --> 00:24:44.366

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: that are on the label. So if you go to add food here. So I came to custom foods over on the left. Add food, and then this is my let's see, maybe we'll just do like Al Jakal.


00:24:46.946 --> 00:24:50.406

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And then when you scroll down


00:24:51.836 --> 00:24:56.106

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: to the advanced info, all you're gonna do is enter


00:24:56.296 --> 00:25:04.815

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: the exact amount of whatever's in here. So if if it doesn't have any of these things on the label. You just skip them, leave them blank


00:25:05.254 --> 00:25:07.706

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: but as you come down to


00:25:07.956 --> 00:25:11.136

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: the vitamins you can come in here and


00:25:11.256 --> 00:25:18.245

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: gotta remember what is actually in alchal. But you just click on this, and you can add like, let's see, 5,000


00:25:18.406 --> 00:25:20.866

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I use. And then boom! That's there.


00:25:21.276 --> 00:25:48.835

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and then you can save those changes and add it. Once you have all of those custom foods, you can actually create a custom meal, or a custom recipe out of all of your supplements if you want to, and then you can easily add them in for the whole day, so you can just it could be like Diane. Supplement stack is your custom meal. And then under that you've added, in all the custom foods that are actually your supplements.


00:25:48.946 --> 00:26:04.585

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So then you can just add the whole stack right away. If you missed one, you can explode the meal. You can delete the ones you skipped. If you added a new one, you can put that in so you can go back and change and update those custom meals as well, but that's what I'd recommend for supplements.


00:26:06.376 --> 00:26:08.156

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: next question.


00:26:08.566 --> 00:26:13.485

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yes, inner supplements as food. Yes, save in favorites. Love it jam


00:26:13.929 --> 00:26:17.686

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: with the mobile app. I'm gonna circle back to mobile app questions.


00:26:19.456 --> 00:26:26.055

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yes, vegetables and fruits are carbs talked about the net carbs versus total carbs, and generally don't recommend restricting


00:26:26.096 --> 00:26:35.945

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: vegetables to hit your carb limit. Some people may or may not be more sensitive to fruit, but that's definitely an individual nutrition. Choice.


00:26:36.716 --> 00:27:01.216

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: The system does recognize different brands on different items. It just depends on what the item is. So yes, on, Audrey commented. Under that some places don't have the recorded micronutrients. Again, you can go in and update that if you want to like, you could create a custom food out of a specific brand. But I wouldn't let perfect get in the way of good here. Because if you get


00:27:01.326 --> 00:27:17.536

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: really, really micro with this, all of the time, you are gonna burn out on tracking pretty quickly. So, and you know, maybe you do eat the same food a lot, and if you do have, like the same brand of sardines a lot. Maybe you do. Wanna enter that as a food and save it as a favorite. But


00:27:17.926 --> 00:27:32.536

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: if you're constantly, you know, like, Okay, well, this didn't have you know the exact right amount of vitamin B, that it said on the label, that's okay. We're looking at estimates here, and we don't. You know we have these goals that we want for the


00:27:32.636 --> 00:27:41.365

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: daily recommended intake, or the daily recommended allowance that we're looking for. However


00:27:42.176 --> 00:28:04.878

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: your body may or may not absorb all of that, anyway. So if it's a few milligrams different here, there, as long as you're in general meeting most of your goals, that's what we're looking at, and that is one of the benefits of like running through this data with your dietician, too. If you have one is that they'll be able to pick up on those nuances as well and kind of tell you, you know. Hey?


00:28:05.416 --> 00:28:27.914

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: you might be way over on this. But actually, I'm not worried about that because we want we wanna see you getting a lot of B vitamins here, and the other thing to keep in mind, especially if you're adding in your supplement stack into Corona meter. You very well could be going over the Dr. And that might be something that we want you to do so as long as I know. Last week we talked about upper limits.


00:28:28.196 --> 00:28:47.845

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: for like adverse effects that's definitely something to be mindful of. But for the most part a lot of times. We're recommending supplements that have really high doses, because your body just needs that much more to actually heal and build bone. So keep that in mind that those are generally look, we're looking at the minimum that you want. Not necessarily the maximum


00:28:51.120 --> 00:29:02.225

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: chicken and broccoli at a Chinese restaurant that is actually good question. So some actual chain restaurants like, if you go to Panda express


00:29:02.546 --> 00:29:19.945

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: anything that's like a big chain restaurant. You can actually search for that. And you'll see like, these are actual things on their menu. You know, if you're eating at Chick-fil-a, you can find, like the actual things on their menu here, and just pull that information right in. Now, if you're eating at like a local Chinese restaurant.


00:29:21.156 --> 00:29:22.116

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: let's see.


00:29:26.026 --> 00:29:28.965

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: broccoli! Oh, cool. So


00:29:30.016 --> 00:29:31.016

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: let's see again.


00:29:33.326 --> 00:29:34.216

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Hmm!


00:29:34.416 --> 00:29:40.916

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: What I normally recommend doing, too. Is just finding the thing that looks like it's going to be the closest


00:29:41.156 --> 00:29:46.326

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: to what you're looking for. So if we want.


00:29:46.536 --> 00:29:50.436

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and we don't want any of the fettuccine ones, because we're looking for.


00:29:52.496 --> 00:29:53.486

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah.


00:29:54.166 --> 00:30:00.085

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: we're looking for like Chinese food, and that's going to be different. But, like, okay, chicken and broccoli, stir fry.


00:30:00.666 --> 00:30:23.906

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: pick the best option. Just make sure your serving size is pretty accurate, so maybe you had 2 cups of that, and then add that in again here like, don't don't let the enemy of like don't let go perfect, be the enemy of good. Just put something down like. What's more important is that you're building a habit in tracking your nutrition intake than that every single thing that you put into chronometer is perfect.


00:30:25.073 --> 00:30:31.082

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Chronometer in the app store. I will show you guys what that looks like in just a second.


00:30:33.559 --> 00:30:40.405

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Well, we'll I'll pull up what it looks like in the app store, so you guys can find it. It should show up with a little red apple just like this.


00:30:40.436 --> 00:30:41.976

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And


00:30:42.356 --> 00:30:48.105

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: 2. And yeah, a free version should have plenty of features for you guys.


00:30:48.386 --> 00:30:54.366

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Some supplements can be added by scanning the bar code. If you're using the phone app. Yep, we will cover that


00:30:57.576 --> 00:31:24.666

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: explode. Yeah, just means expand. So you can right? You will. Wanna right click on those things. So for this one, right click. And you can see you can repeat the item you can copy to the day. So if I actually wanted to have this like right now, on the seventeenth, if I wanted to see this on the fifteenth, I could select copy to today and then go back to the fifteenth. And you can see, I've added that there


00:31:25.227 --> 00:31:28.436

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: the other thing that you can do is


00:31:29.996 --> 00:31:31.926

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: copy selected items.


00:31:32.596 --> 00:31:34.656

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and then you could go to any day.


00:31:35.256 --> 00:31:38.066

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and then you select these 3 dots right here


00:31:38.426 --> 00:31:39.766

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and hit paste.


00:31:39.766 --> 00:31:41.924

Jim: Freda, we're not seeing your


00:31:42.506 --> 00:31:43.955

Jim: your screen anymore.


00:31:43.956 --> 00:31:45.696

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Not seen. Chronometer.


00:31:45.696 --> 00:31:46.456

Jim: No


00:31:46.606 --> 00:31:47.716

Jim: on, under.


00:31:47.716 --> 00:31:48.446

Sharon: Seeing it.


00:31:51.506 --> 00:31:52.456

Lorna Nichols: Seeing it.


00:31:52.456 --> 00:31:54.015

nancy m: I'm huh! I'm seeing it.


00:31:55.586 --> 00:32:00.248

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Okay, hey? Jim, do you know, if you're like looking at


00:32:01.026 --> 00:32:04.055

Jim: I see your face. I'm not seeing chronometer anymore.


00:32:04.056 --> 00:32:04.966

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Is it black?


00:32:07.366 --> 00:32:08.146

Jim: No.


00:32:08.146 --> 00:32:27.206

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Okay, do me a favor and see if you have it in like a different window. So so in screen share, it often opens in like a full screen mode, and then it can sometimes put it on like a different side of your desktop. So take a look around your computer for that, and then send me a chat if you if you're not seeing it still.


00:32:28.086 --> 00:32:32.946

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Okay. But other people are seeing it. So I'm gonna assume it's being recorded. So


00:32:33.336 --> 00:32:51.185

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: awesome. Okay? So questions about, I just wanna touch base on a few of these things and then we'll switch over to the mobile app. Why do some food show up with no data for most nutrients? It has everything to do with the database that they use. So there are a ton of foods.


00:32:51.511 --> 00:33:14.916

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Out there, right? The all of this data is pulled from the FDA nutrition database, which is generally gonna be the most accurate source that we have. However, not every company is required to put in. You know, they're required to put in the foods or the nutrients that are on their label. But it just has to do with labeling regulations. And what ends up in the FDA database.


00:33:14.916 --> 00:33:28.308

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So generally, I think searching for more general foods like eggs instead of like egglands. Best eggs is gonna give you. That's gonna be the easiest way to just get the foods on there, that's gonna be as close as possible to what you're doing.


00:33:28.775 --> 00:33:40.615

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And with that being said, keep in mind that you know, some of this data is going to be older. So when it comes to micronutrients, and you're like, well, actually, my chronometer says that I'm getting


00:33:41.296 --> 00:34:07.786

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: you know, 1,200 milligrams of B 12, or I'm getting 700 milligrams of magnesium magnesium is a micronutrient in our soil. That's how the plants get it. Our soils very depleted. So even though the data says that there's that much magnesium in it, you still might need to be supplementing. And you're probably not getting it all from your diet, because the plants aren't getting that anymore. So there are some nuances and fluctuations like that as well.


00:34:08.414 --> 00:34:24.845

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Unfortunately, I'm just running through the list of questions in the chat right now, but unfortunately we don't offer dietician services without being on our full service plan, but there are plenty of dieticians out there in private practice, who can help you get started and definitely point you in the right direction. Nutrition wise


00:34:26.236 --> 00:34:30.360

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: adjusting the macronutrients to match the ovh recommendations.


00:34:31.236 --> 00:34:33.586

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: If you are


00:34:33.606 --> 00:34:42.165

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: in, I think this is gonna be where my barrier comes in, that I am on one of our oh accounts. Because


00:34:43.136 --> 00:34:50.096

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: your dietician and team can actually come in here and adjust everything. So


00:34:50.346 --> 00:34:52.685

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: a few things that I recommend


00:34:52.776 --> 00:35:04.935

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: not doing if you import your exercise cause. You want to see it. That is great. I don't normally recommend using the exercise


00:35:04.936 --> 00:35:28.036

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: like calories burned, and factoring that into your goal for a couple like total energy goal for a few different reasons. Unless you are really really active and would consider yourself an athlete. Your body is gonna have a really, it's gonna do a really great job of maintaining that homeostasis. Second, if you're


00:35:28.116 --> 00:35:39.316

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: if your goal is to lose weight, then often, when we're in importing that exercise. It's overestimating that total energy need. And there is still some like


00:35:39.316 --> 00:36:01.106

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: a little, not not a lot of validity to like energy in versus energy out, but generally if your goal is weight loss, I would just focus on what your body needs. And the third thing is, is, if we're creating our nutrition goals for you correctly, we're actually accommodating the exercise that you're already doing. And so we've already predetermined that in there. So I don't recommend pulling that info.


00:36:01.376 --> 00:36:02.396

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So


00:36:03.286 --> 00:36:30.175

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: to set your own macros. Something to start with would be well, you can look at your total energy intake that chronometer recommends for you, based on your height and your weight. And I would say, we wanna go a little bit over that. We definitely don't wanna be eating not enough. We always wanna make sure that we're eating enough first and foremost. So start with your protein goal and then work backwards from there determine if you have a carbohydrate restriction or not.


00:36:30.480 --> 00:36:35.965

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And then and you can base this on those ob plates that we've that I've put in slack.


00:36:35.966 --> 00:36:43.865

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: so you can kind of look at those portion sizes on what would be your ideal carbohydrate intake and and match that up with


00:36:44.006 --> 00:37:08.706

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: what you wanna be consuming for the day. And then I always just fill in the rest with fats, because fats are gonna make a huge difference in energy levels and hunger and fullness queues, and we need a lot of those good fats to absorb those fat, soluble vitamins that make such a big difference for Osteoporosis. But I with that being said, I don't think that on my account right now I can show you how to adjust these targets, because


00:37:09.038 --> 00:37:19.675

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I think that defaults to having your dietician. Oh, here we go, just kidding, just kidding on the more side of here. So on this left hand toolbar. If you scroll down.


00:37:19.706 --> 00:37:22.725

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: you'll see more, it'll say profile and targets.


00:37:22.986 --> 00:37:47.430

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and then you'll be able to adjust all of this so you can change your height. You can change your weight. You can factor in your body fat percentage. It doesn't really matter. This is like an estimate that it gives you, based on your height and your weight, I would ignore that it's not going to be accurate. It also doesn't really matter. And then choose your activity level if you want to. So secondary, lightly active?


00:37:47.816 --> 00:37:50.946

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I would. Moderately active and very active.


00:37:51.066 --> 00:38:04.566

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: very active is gonna be you know, if you that kind of category on. If you would consider yourself an athlete, and then everything else you can make your own selections on, and then for default versus custom.


00:38:04.656 --> 00:38:12.365

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: This default right here is going to be based on this standard calculation, based on your height and your weight. So


00:38:12.752 --> 00:38:19.056

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: totally up to you on. If you're doing this yourself. If you are working with us as a one on one client.


00:38:19.216 --> 00:38:44.366

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: just ask your dietician. That is the benefit of being in our full service program is that they will tell you all the things that you need to know if you are doing this on your own, though then I would take this one plus this one, because it's gonna help. Make sure you're eating enough. Add those together, and then we're going to I'll show you how to create this this goal right here, I would always turn this off. So we don't want to replace with imported activity.


00:38:44.366 --> 00:38:55.745

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: That means, if you have your fitbit, or your whoop, or your or ring connected, it would say, Okay, you need to eat an extra 200 calories today because you exercise this much.


00:38:56.576 --> 00:39:16.706

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: ye? Yes, there are some benefits to doing that to make sure you are eating enough, but when we do that it actually creates moving targets. So and that's going to be a lot harder to actually eat what you're trying to eat when every single day your nutrition goals are changing. So I personally think it's more straightforward and clear. If you just


00:39:17.046 --> 00:39:21.305

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: take into account what is your average day? Look like exercise wise.


00:39:21.446 --> 00:39:27.943

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: build that into your nutrition recommendations, and set that for every day that way there's no moving targets.


00:39:28.546 --> 00:39:33.935

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So you can see I have this turned off. I have the thermic effect of food turned off.


00:39:35.126 --> 00:40:01.115

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: This is just getting a little, too, in the weeds for what we're doing to talk about the thermic effective food. So feel free to send me a slack message about it, though, if you're curious. But it just we want to simplify things, not make things more complicated. So I'm gonna take this total, 1,627 calories. And I'm gonna use that. So I'm gonna update this actually, this custom energy target to 1627


00:40:01.706 --> 00:40:02.996

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: to match this.


00:40:03.906 --> 00:40:20.896

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And then I wanna use I like using fixed values for macronutrients instead of percentages. If you use the macro ratios that creates a moving target. Fixed values keep things clear and straightforward. So I would always recommend doing that


00:40:21.056 --> 00:40:42.356

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and then set this to grams. So for me, I'm gonna actually increase this to 145 grams of protein. I'm gonna keep my carbs the same. But then you can see, hey? Actually, I'll probably increase my carbs because it will warn you. It says your fixed values are way less or


00:40:42.426 --> 00:40:49.785

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: or yeah, which are way lower than you're like goal. So I'm just gonna increase this to 100 grams of carbs.


00:40:49.826 --> 00:41:09.515

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and then everything's happy. This value, says 1,700 calories per day that feels like a good amount for what I want my macronutrients to be. And what I'm happy with, it's also really close to this goal. So what I'm going to do is actually make this my goal so that everything matches.


00:41:09.616 --> 00:41:12.366

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So I'm going to change that to 1,700,


00:41:13.216 --> 00:41:18.975

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and then we should be all set. I'm tracking total carbs, but you can switch that to net carbs.


00:41:18.996 --> 00:41:27.044

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And if you have really specific vitamin goals that you're trying to hit, and you're like, actually, they told me I needed to have.


00:41:27.716 --> 00:41:56.935

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: you know a thousand milligrams of magnesium per day, which may or may not work for you. So just take that with a grain of salt, please, but what you can do is Co. To accommodate your supplements. If you wanted to, you can come into like the minerals, and you could actually come down here to magnesium and update this so I want my target to maybe be 700 milligrams per day. I don't want to go over a thousand milligrams per day. And I want to use this custom value instead of the standard value. I'm gonna hit, apply.


00:41:56.986 --> 00:41:59.435

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And you can see it has added that


00:41:59.736 --> 00:42:18.546

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: if there's stuff that you don't want to track, and that you don't care about tracking, you can also come in here and turn all of it off, which is nice. So if you're like, I'm never looking at my molybdenum like you can turn that off cause you're probably not gonna get very good data on it, anyway. So there's


00:42:18.776 --> 00:42:23.681

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: some tips like that on updating your macro recommendations.


00:42:24.306 --> 00:42:26.536

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: see? Back to some questions.


00:42:26.846 --> 00:42:40.135

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah, I'll definitely share the recipe to for the cabbage chicken. I really do like the ambitious kitchen websites as far as like their their recipes and stuff. And even if you're looking for just different kinds of like


00:42:40.266 --> 00:42:44.655

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: dietary restrictions and stuff, they do a really good job at categorizing things like that.


00:42:45.006 --> 00:42:45.676

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Aye.


00:42:45.676 --> 00:42:51.726

Sharon: Question about the card. She just did getting it from all or net.


00:42:52.416 --> 00:42:57.106

Sharon: If you do net carbs, it won't track fiber. Is that the difference.


00:42:57.396 --> 00:43:17.675

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah, if you do net carbs, it actually subtracts it subtracts the fiber from your carbohydrate intake. So if something has 15 grams of carbohydrate and 5 grams of fiber. Then if you're tracking net carbs, it's only gonna


00:43:17.736 --> 00:43:27.156

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: show up as that 15 grams of carbohydrate. If you're tracking total carbs. It's actually going to show up as 20 grams, because it's adding in the fiber.


00:43:29.106 --> 00:43:30.685

Jennifer Doak: Brett, do you have a


00:43:31.716 --> 00:43:32.756

Jennifer Doak: preference?


00:43:34.137 --> 00:43:44.576

Jennifer Doak: But I just I think I still always have this thing in my head about Carbs and what I'm tracking, because at this point eating


00:43:44.996 --> 00:43:47.466

Jennifer Doak: things in packages and gluten like


00:43:47.576 --> 00:43:50.586

Jennifer Doak: the only cards I'm eating is vegetables really.


00:43:50.887 --> 00:44:11.065

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I think if you're predominantly eating vegetables as your carbohydrates, then you should track net carbs because it's actually gonna make sure that you're getting enough and getting enough energy in there. It's really like playing that psychological game right like, how can I make sure that I'm not chronically under eating, and what's the best way for, like me to present the numbers to myself?


00:44:11.276 --> 00:44:18.156

Jennifer Doak: So so next and so, but but in in a situation where someone or any of us that are


00:44:18.836 --> 00:44:29.005

Jennifer Doak: being very strict, you know I'm not a fan of any of the gluten free. So I just had my funeral for anything that is in a package. With regard to that, it's like, okay?


00:44:29.456 --> 00:44:30.686

Jennifer Doak: So


00:44:30.756 --> 00:44:34.246

Jennifer Doak: in that case, really, a carb is like a


00:44:34.386 --> 00:44:36.928

Jennifer Doak: banana, a potato


00:44:38.286 --> 00:44:39.496

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah, so.


00:44:39.496 --> 00:44:43.306

Jennifer Doak: Kind of thing as opposed to like a green vegetable or a.


00:44:44.016 --> 00:44:45.566

Jennifer Doak: Or something like that.


00:44:45.566 --> 00:45:03.126

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So our rule of thumb is for vegetables. We have non starchy vegetables, and we have starchy vegetables, so non starchy vegetables leak leafy greens, zucchini, yellow squash, things like that which you can learn where they're at. Cause if you're putting in what you're tracking, and then you're like, oh, wait!


00:45:03.146 --> 00:45:13.066

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Maybe that is way. More carbs than I thought it was. So definitely using it as a tool for education. But those are going to be 5 grams of carbohydrate per serving, which is


00:45:13.396 --> 00:45:19.026

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: generally about a cup like like a one cup, like measuring cup of that.


00:45:19.026 --> 00:45:20.426

Jennifer Doak: But non starchy.


00:45:20.426 --> 00:45:33.097

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yes, and then for starchy vegetables, that's gonna be our peas, corn and potatoes. If you consider corn a vegetable druck does not. It goes in the grain category. But those things are gonna be our starchy vegetables, and those are gonna.


00:45:33.386 --> 00:45:34.927

Al Kral: Is how ad one works.


00:45:35.828 --> 00:45:45.406

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And those are going to be 15 grams of carbohydrate per serving, and those serving sizes vary, and generally it's about a half cup of a serving size.


00:45:45.406 --> 00:45:48.716

Jennifer Doak: And so that's why I can see why you would put fruit in there. Maybe.


00:45:48.716 --> 00:46:01.926

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yes. And so those fruit are also gonna we would put those in the starchy vegetable category because generally they're presented as like, we would present those in 15 grams of carbohydrate serving sizes.


00:46:01.926 --> 00:46:02.516

Jennifer Doak: Okay.


00:46:02.906 --> 00:46:11.465

Jennifer Doak: That that actually helps a lot. I mean, because sometimes when you're thinking about the carbs, I'm not, I'm not trying to undo it. But I also don't want it to become a


00:46:12.086 --> 00:46:12.826

Jennifer Doak: yeah.


00:46:12.826 --> 00:46:16.758

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: We are also focused on metabolic health. And that's just not


00:46:17.156 --> 00:46:20.155

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: compatible for everyone eating that many carbs. So yeah.


00:46:20.156 --> 00:46:20.966

Jennifer Doak: Nicole.


00:46:21.146 --> 00:46:43.144

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And the other thing like with our fruits. As well. You saw your berries are gonna be a lot lower in carbohydrate. But I think, focusing on like that total. And then you can kind of like break it down into how much you need. So a lot of times if I'm having somebody track total carbs because they do wanna carve restriction, but they are doing really great with eating a lot of like fruits and vegetables.


00:46:43.416 --> 00:47:06.196

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Then, instead of doing like a really low carb recommendation, I would maybe say, like, Hey, let's do 75 grams of total carb to give you that flexibility to have more of those like fruits and vegetables in there. And so then, what you can do is break that down. So if we have 75 grams of carbs to work with. That means over our 3 meals. We have 25 grams for each meal.


00:47:06.196 --> 00:47:14.076

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and generally like a starchy vegetable or fruit serving is going to be 15 grams of carbs, which means you have 2


00:47:14.076 --> 00:47:18.806

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: 5 grams of carbohydrate from your non-starchy vegetable servings to fill in that gap.


00:47:19.096 --> 00:47:24.646

Jennifer Doak: I think it's just really hard when you're trying to. You answered a lot of my questions, but just


00:47:24.976 --> 00:47:34.385

Jennifer Doak: what we consider fiber and getting enough in cause, honestly getting 35 if I don't put in chia seeds and some some of that I'm not getting there because


00:47:34.416 --> 00:47:36.905

Jennifer Doak: everything has so little. Honestly.


00:47:37.746 --> 00:47:54.555

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah, it it does, I know. And and and you really have to be eating a lot of vegetables. And I think, what we think is a serving size is different than what is actually considered a serving size as well. And you don't. Just to be clear about this. A serving size is


00:47:55.046 --> 00:48:03.515

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: the serving size of what we're measuring. It's a tool that we use to do. Math with a serving size is not how much you should be eating


00:48:05.056 --> 00:48:21.488

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: so that will vary based on the person. So like, if you get a a salad like a bag salad from the grocery store generally, that's gonna be for servings. But you could actually eat the entire salad. Yes, I do. I do. That's why.


00:48:21.846 --> 00:48:29.402

Jennifer Doak: Well, I mean, and honestly, I'm sure all of you have run into this. But depending on, you know which one


00:48:29.796 --> 00:48:34.235

Jennifer Doak: you'd be surprised. Some of them are like. The whole thing is.


00:48:35.186 --> 00:48:35.846

Jennifer Doak: You know?


00:48:36.126 --> 00:48:37.206

Jennifer Doak: Yeah, so.


00:48:37.206 --> 00:48:43.806

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah. And this other question here in the chat, real quick. They


00:48:43.946 --> 00:48:45.136

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: so


00:48:45.816 --> 00:48:50.095

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: chronometer doesn't track fiber differently based on. If you select


00:48:50.146 --> 00:49:04.305

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: total carbs or net carbs chronometer instead. It's always gonna track the fiber, and it's always gonna track the carbohydrate. It will just present your carbohydrate number differently as a total. So on.


00:49:04.756 --> 00:49:16.506

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Hold on! Let me flip back over here. So I think we're done with those. So this carbohydrate level. This will show up higher or lower, based on. If it's factoring in the fiber to this equation.


00:49:17.186 --> 00:49:27.415

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah, it's honestly, it's just a bunch of math. It's like a big spreadsheet. And it, it's a lot. And and there's a lot of nuance that goes into it. And we have to factor in your individual needs, too.


00:49:27.761 --> 00:49:51.940

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I this other comment here in the chat, I cannot comment on the ratios of zinc to copper, phosphorus and calcium. I we don't necessarily use those in our practice. I will double check with the team, though, to see if they are using this at all. But in general there's just so much more that goes into like. Are you getting enough, calcium? Are you getting enough?


00:49:52.286 --> 00:50:06.206

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: phosphorus, you know. Are you getting enough zinc or copper that I don't think this is probably the best tool for that or does it really matter? That's the other thing. But I'll double check on that with our team to see if they're using that for anything.


00:50:06.456 --> 00:50:13.125

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Okay, I'm gonna switch gears here real quick. I want to show you guys on the app just in the last 5 min.


00:50:13.386 --> 00:50:15.925

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So give me 1 s


00:50:18.656 --> 00:50:22.306

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: because it does show up a touch differently.


00:50:34.526 --> 00:50:37.025

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Okay, awesome. Okay.


00:50:37.686 --> 00:50:58.816

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So this is what chromometer on your phone looks like it will generally default you to the dashboard page. What we wanna do here is you can click on. Sorry. See if I can move that out of the way. Okay, you can click on the diary button in the bottom left hand corner like on that bottom bar. So if you click on diary.


00:50:58.956 --> 00:51:05.135

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: this is synced up with all the stuff I just put in today. So you can see how everything is showing up here


00:51:05.146 --> 00:51:08.506

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: if you wanna access the nutrients.


00:51:09.965 --> 00:51:13.285

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: How we were looking at that on the desktop.


00:51:13.416 --> 00:51:24.326

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: This top bar where you see it says consumed, burned and remaining you actually gonna just swipe to the right, and that will show you kind of the breakdown of your macronutrients right there.


00:51:24.706 --> 00:51:38.145

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Similarly, to how you do this on your computer if you want to see. Hey, where are my protein sources coming like, where's my protein coming from select protein? And it will give you a breakdown of those high or your main sources of protein


00:51:38.451 --> 00:51:55.275

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: which I think is really nice to be able to see that cause again. You can use that to adjust your portion sizes. Same thing. If you were to have a saturated fat restriction, you can actually let's swipe over here you can see the additional nutrients. And I'm gonna swipe one more.


00:51:56.961 --> 00:51:57.926

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So


00:51:58.046 --> 00:52:07.346

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: yeah, just a a great tool. You can definitely see how you stack up click into this. You can see each of the each of the micronutrients.


00:52:07.386 --> 00:52:25.046

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and it is easy enough just to swipe through that. But I don't think it's very the one thing I don't love is, I don't think it's very obvious that you have to swipe through it. If you want to see those extra like details. So keeping that in mind, and then same thing. So on the bottom toolbar, we're gonna click on foods.


00:52:25.206 --> 00:52:34.880

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: This is where you can create your meals. Create your custom recipes. You can import those recipes can create different foods here. So there's a lot of


00:52:35.896 --> 00:52:52.076

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: There's it has like the same functionality that the website does, it just presents in a little bit of a different way. And then when we hit the plus sign, this is how we can add foods to our diary. So you can select add food, which is where you can search, and


00:52:52.166 --> 00:53:05.485

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: you can go to those favorites and all of those things will show up that we've already added to our favorites. You can see your custom items, and it will also give you what's common you can add in your supplements as well here.


00:53:05.778 --> 00:53:12.315

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Actually, I think that these are predetermined supplements. So if you scan in the bar code, it's gonna pull from here, I believe, but


00:53:13.066 --> 00:53:40.055

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I would maybe have to double check that and then we have different brands that you use a lot. These are brands that I use a lot. Not the craft range dressing. It's just as putting in a recipe for somebody. And then you can look at the different restaurant options that they have, and you can also select drinks. I think if you want to track your water chronometer just did an update on tracking fluid. So I will send you guys


00:53:40.056 --> 00:53:56.255

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: a link to that article instead. But I just put in tap water here and do for like one cup. But there's all sorts of as a food. You can search different kinds of water in the foods. I'd like area, so you can click up here and search the drinks that you're looking for.


00:53:56.746 --> 00:54:04.865

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And then this Bar code button in the upper right hand corner I don't have. I don't. Yeah, I don't have a bar code near me, but


00:54:05.666 --> 00:54:12.695

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: you're gonna allow camera access, and then you can scan the barcode and it will pull in the food


00:54:12.716 --> 00:54:19.245

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: as long as it's in the database. Nancy, I see your hand raised. You can go ahead and jump on and let me know your question.


00:54:19.246 --> 00:54:44.196

nancy m: Yeah. Not a question. I just wanted to point out a couple of things that cause I've been using this for a long time, and to people that may want to think about using, it might seem like a whole lot of fuss and bother, but it doesn't take a long time to to get used to it. And there are just 2 things in addition to what you pointed out, that I wanted to mention that the database itself is kind of intelligent, I mean, sometimes you don't have to write


00:54:44.196 --> 00:54:51.495

nancy m: the whole thing like, if I were looking for canyon, bake house, gluten, free wheat, bread, heritage, style


00:54:51.496 --> 00:55:06.846

nancy m: if I type in, especially if I've used that thing like frequently in the last, you know, in the past, even if I don't have a favorite, even if I don't put it into a meal as but canyon heritage boom! There it is. It even remembers the last portion size I had.


00:55:07.036 --> 00:55:17.602

nancy m: and then the second thing that I use a lot in addition to the meals. And even if you don't use meals and favorites a lot, the multi select in the copy. The little


00:55:18.046 --> 00:55:39.931

nancy m: It's up in the up in the little right hand corner of the app. There's a multi select where you can just go to the previous day and say, Oh, yeah, this this is, you check off of like a dozen different things that you eat previous to and copy them to the the current day, or copy it from a few days back, whatever. So I find that really fast, fast way to do things.


00:55:40.216 --> 00:55:41.606

Al Kral: Yeah, whole meals.


00:55:43.346 --> 00:55:44.066

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah.


00:55:44.349 --> 00:55:55.702

nancy m: Even if you don't copy the whole day you can. You can individually select with a little checkbox what you had the baby cause. Often you're eating leftovers, anyway. You have it in the house. That's what you're eating.


00:55:55.986 --> 00:56:09.256

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah. And that's that brings up a really good point. Something I normally recommend is that you know, you take 30 min to an hour on a Sunday, or whenever you have a little bit of extra time and do some pre work, so go through your pantry.


00:56:09.276 --> 00:56:38.475

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: scan in everything that you already regularly eat scan in the things that you know you have. So when you go to pick those things, they're already in chronometer for you. So it's super easy. Pull them from your favorites list. And that way you're not like, oh, I'm having you know. I'm having another Laura Bar gotta scan it in every single time. And then the other thing that you can do, and I think this will answer one of the questions in the chat. You can use this to like. I was adding foods into the future. So I was adding foods on the seventeenth.


00:56:38.476 --> 00:56:57.866

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: If your meal planning or you want to use this to say like, okay, I know that this is how much I want to get in this day. Go ahead and pre put those things in for the whole week. And then you can actually just make little edits. It just totally depends on what how you like to do things as a person


00:56:58.237 --> 00:57:23.284

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: like I. Personally, that would never work for me. But I do know some people are like really organized, and that would like work really well for them to put in like a whole week's worth of like, okay, I'm making. I'm doing my meal. Prep, so I have XY and Z. And I'm gonna eat those on this day, and then you can kinda like forecast that out, really, too, if you just wanna get a good idea of where you're at. You only need to track 3 to 5 days to look at those averages, and then you can start to use that as like


00:57:23.656 --> 00:57:39.055

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: as information to help you make more specific choices. So you don't have to track every single thing every single day. If that's not what works for you. Track 3 to 5 days review, and then make those tweaks, and then maybe next month you track another 3 to 5 days.


00:57:39.542 --> 00:57:42.955

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Elizabeth, you can go ahead and jump on.


00:57:43.246 --> 00:57:57.076

iPhoneElizabeth: Okay, I was just gonna say something I find easy for me, cause I've been doing this for I don't know 8 months, whatever what I find easy is when I put everything and I usually eat in favorites. I only have to type in 3 letters. Boom! It pops up


00:57:57.376 --> 00:58:00.836

iPhoneElizabeth: because, cause I I try to track


00:58:02.046 --> 00:58:04.936

iPhoneElizabeth: 20 meals a week or 19 meals a week.


00:58:05.066 --> 00:58:13.255

iPhoneElizabeth: So it is as you said it is. It's tedious, but I found that you put it. Put everything you


00:58:13.426 --> 00:58:15.825

iPhoneElizabeth: eat a lot in favorites.


00:58:15.846 --> 00:58:19.026

iPhoneElizabeth: Type 3 letters in boom. It'll pop up.


00:58:19.026 --> 00:58:40.296

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah. And I think it's help. It is like the a little bit of work, right? It is a little bit of work, but I think it has such better pay offs, because, instead of guessing, and like even in a nutrition session, you know, I can say, Hey, what do you eat. And you're like, Oh, well, I have an egg and I have toast. I have this, and I'm like great. It sounds good. But like.


00:58:40.296 --> 00:58:53.095

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: is it actually meeting your specific nutrient goals versus if I have, you track it, and then I can see it. And then it's like awesome turns out you're, you know, 10 grams over your saturated fat every day, only on days you eat


00:58:53.096 --> 00:59:05.005

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: breakfast from chick-fil-a so great. Let's just like make a little switch there, or let's find a different breakfast item at Chick-fil-a that will keep you under your Saturday. Fat goals like those are the things that we're looking for. Alan. Go ahead.


00:59:05.716 --> 00:59:08.695

Al Kral: I find a small digital scale invaluable.


00:59:09.426 --> 00:59:21.546

Al Kral: If you do everything weight in grams or whatever. And you just pick the food. I got 50 grams of this 100 grams of that you don't have to try to figure out serving sizes, this, that, or anything. It's just simple.


00:59:22.186 --> 00:59:46.079

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Awesome. Yeah, that's I. Yeah. If the the grams and just make sure you're changing that little button there, cause I think sometimes if you notice I don't know you're like, Oh, wow! That seems like it's really high or really low. Just go back and check the units that you put stuff in cause that can be a common issue. But no, I think a Gram skills awesome. And then question from the chat.


00:59:46.676 --> 01:00:10.096

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I just wanna touch on this. How is your information protected? I can't speak to how it's protected on their free version, but if you're a client of ours, we have it's called like a business agreement with chronometer that like extends hipaa compliance to their software. So yes, but on, if you're using the free version and accessing that, then you'll want to review their privacy policy on your own


01:00:11.706 --> 01:00:24.286

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: awesome any more questions about chronometer. And I was kind of like a also deep dive, but also very fast. So and you'll you'll have access to this recording, too, so you can go back and check out any little things that you've been


01:00:24.566 --> 01:00:29.346

Al Kral: It's super easy. After a while. It ain't like even tedious or anything. It's just


01:00:29.366 --> 01:00:33.076

Al Kral: copy paste copy from yesterday to today, you know.


01:00:33.356 --> 01:00:33.946

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah.


01:00:34.066 --> 01:00:43.425

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: love it. I love it. And I love. I also, I love seeing people's chronometer data. It it seriously makes making nutrition changes so much easier.


01:00:45.596 --> 01:00:54.066

Sharon: So what's a good use of the time stamping for your meals is like if you're is it for time restricted feeding or.


01:00:54.066 --> 01:00:58.893

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah, so chronometer actually does have some time restricted feeding


01:00:59.996 --> 01:01:11.656

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: functionality. So you could actually set up different kinds of fast in kernel meter. But you don't have to enter the Times. It doesn't really matter to me, except


01:01:12.646 --> 01:01:37.586

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: so an example might be like your snacks, and one thing we generally discourage is like grazing throughout the day. So say you're logging, you know, every single time you, you know. Stop by the kitchen and you pick up something and put it in your mouth. Seeing how frequently and at what times you are actually eating that can be really helpful, and why we would like generally discourage that that kind of grazing behavior is that's gonna keep


01:01:37.586 --> 01:01:42.945

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: your insulin levels higher for longer, which is going to create a higher risk of insulin resistance.


01:01:42.946 --> 01:01:51.026

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So you know, things like that could be a really helpful tool. But you definitely don't have to add the timestamps. It's really person specific. And what data like.


01:01:51.256 --> 01:01:55.126

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: what data do you need to make the best choices for yourself?


01:01:57.476 --> 01:02:07.256

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And I don't know about the requirement on the phone app for entering meal times. I might. I'll I'll play around with that, Diane, and kind of see if I can figure out a way around that


01:02:08.806 --> 01:02:10.199

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: other questions.


01:02:10.896 --> 01:02:12.266

Candy Reichert: I had that question


01:02:12.866 --> 01:02:13.456

Candy Reichert: oop.


01:02:13.456 --> 01:02:14.555

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Jump on! Go ahead!


01:02:15.462 --> 01:02:23.915

Candy Reichert: I I just wanted a little bit of an explanation of what the energy is and how I mean it looks like a negative number. And it, you know. So what is that?


01:02:23.916 --> 01:02:37.073

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yes, so energy in chronometer is code for calories. I touched on this a little bit, but I definitely like the reframing of calories as energy. Because we wanna make sure that you're getting enough. And calories typically come with a connotation of restriction.


01:02:37.366 --> 01:02:58.486

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: So if we can focus on getting enough energy in versus like not getting too many calories. That's gonna be a win. But if you're seeing negatives on your calories, that is gonna probably have to do with what your exercise targets are, and if you're importing that data in there like I, we covered that like a little bit. But I will.


01:02:59.086 --> 01:03:11.715

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I'll try to send a screenshot of an example of what those negatives look like, and a couple of ways you can fix that. But generally, if we can get into either. If you're going over your target, it would say that you're in like a


01:03:12.186 --> 01:03:19.576

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: you're in like a surplus, and if you're way under your target. It would say that you're in a deficit which that deficit would be negatives.


01:03:20.376 --> 01:03:38.595

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Awesome, Carrie said in the chat to remove the timestamp simply uncheck the orange check box next to the time. Love it. I I will admit I don't normally use chronometer on my phone. I'm normally on my desktop or on my laptop. So love the phone and mobile tips for everyone. So I do think that is probably the easiest way to use.


01:03:38.596 --> 01:03:42.605

Al Kral: That is small and tedious, trying to use the phone.


01:03:45.466 --> 01:03:47.845

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: I bet hopefully, has some tips, though I know.


01:03:47.846 --> 01:03:48.336

Al Kral: That's it.


01:03:48.336 --> 01:03:53.215

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: How much you have and where you're at during the day. I mean right? It's what whatever works. But.


01:03:53.216 --> 01:03:55.447

Al Kral: Yeah. Keep expanding everything to look at.


01:03:57.776 --> 01:03:58.956

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Awesome. It's.


01:03:59.546 --> 01:04:01.204

Sharon: It says that you could


01:04:02.276 --> 01:04:06.186

Sharon: migrate in information from a fitness device.


01:04:06.596 --> 01:04:07.635

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yes. Is it.


01:04:07.636 --> 01:04:14.145

Sharon: Do all fitness devices? Are there any fitness, advice, devices? You recommend.


01:04:14.146 --> 01:04:17.216

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yes, so chronometer integrates with


01:04:18.396 --> 01:04:20.546

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: fitbit whoop


01:04:20.996 --> 01:04:26.526

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: aura. So what we we generally recommend in our clinic is


01:04:26.576 --> 01:04:31.565

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: the aura ring. So, and or a whoopstrap.


01:04:32.126 --> 01:04:56.495

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: The choice of which one you want will depend on what your primary goal is. So they both kind of measure the same thing. But they present the data in a different way. So Aura is gonna be a really awesome sleep tracker. And it's gonna be that first and foremost. So if you're worried about getting enough sleep, really managing those stress levels, that is probably gonna be your primary choice. Now, the loop is, gonna be a little bit more geared towards exercise


01:04:56.998 --> 01:05:11.155

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and making sure that you're recovered enough so that way you're not over exercising and over expending yourself so you can but it also tracks your sleep, and it also everything on each of those is measured.


01:05:11.156 --> 01:05:34.796

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: or like predominantly driven by heart rate, variability, or Hrv, and so it just depends on what you want. I will say the whoop trap, the whoop strap is significantly cheaper than an oral ring as well, which is gonna play a role. I've worn both. I prefer the loop, but I don't like the aura ring because I rock climb and it gets all scratched up. So that's just like a personal preference for me. And it does connect with apple watch. And there's some other


01:05:34.796 --> 01:05:40.586

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: things I'll have to it also connects with some scales as well.


01:05:43.736 --> 01:05:45.675

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Garmin, I believe.


01:05:47.666 --> 01:06:01.406

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: And if you just like, do a Google search on like the devices. But it looks like fit bit Garmin strava, the withing scale. Whoop, polar. If you have a dexcom


01:06:02.126 --> 01:06:09.806

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: which is a continuous glucose monitor, it's not the one that we generally use, but technically, that is an option. And then key to Mojo as well.


01:06:14.046 --> 01:06:25.125

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: But if you're importing that exercise, just remember to go into your targets and turn off the factoring that into changing your your energy targets to me. The more


01:06:25.166 --> 01:06:40.106

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: movement you have in those numbers, the harder it's gonna feel to track because you're gonna feel like you're never, ever close to anything like moving targets. We don't want that. We don't want moving targets. We want clear, straightforward goals.


01:06:44.666 --> 01:06:45.806

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: right?


01:06:45.836 --> 01:07:02.169

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Awesome. Well, if that is all the questions we have for today. This is great to see you guys. I hope you guys enjoyed. I hope you guys learned a little bit today and you found it helpful and we'll get the recording sent out and uploaded to health span nation which everybody.


01:07:02.466 --> 01:07:26.565

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: everybody should have access on optimal human Now. You should have received an email this morning if you didn't get one on Monday. That your accounts been updated. There was like a little handful of people who ended up in a different bucket. And I think we got you guys all squared away today. So if you do have questions, though, we can always reach out to to Julie at Hsn.


01:07:26.576 --> 01:07:37.066

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: and I am behind all my slack messages, cause I was trying to get all your accounts updated. So I'm gonna jump into slack today and tomorrow and make sure I get you guys all the information that I owe you.


01:07:37.356 --> 01:07:38.665

Sharon: I have one more question.


01:07:38.666 --> 01:07:39.475

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah. Go ahead.


01:07:39.796 --> 01:07:51.856

Sharon: So like things like, whether it's the the adding your device in, or how you want to track something. If you toggle that on or off. Would that just really change it all?


01:07:52.006 --> 01:07:55.555

Sharon: But all your information back without it or with it?


01:07:56.006 --> 01:08:03.225

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yes, I do believe it edits everything. Which is fine, because then you just turn it off, and it goes back to how it is. But, yeah.


01:08:03.826 --> 01:08:04.556

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: okay.


01:08:10.096 --> 01:08:10.875

Sharon: Thank you.


01:08:11.076 --> 01:08:12.298

Breta, MS, RDN - HSN Team: Yeah, of course.